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East Orange Provides Free Access to Fitness Equipment

In an effort to encourage the residents of East Orange to get active and develop a healthier lifestyle, the City installed 10 “fitness stations” in Elmwood Park including balance beams, pull up bars, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. Soveral Park is scheduled to follow suit by Spring 2019. Outdoor fitness equipment at East Orange’s local parks provide benefits for people of all ages and capabilities and are especially designed to be ADA compliant as well as user friendly to our local seniors.

Both parks are within walking distance from Senior Citizen housing. The Seniors utilize the exercise equipment for rehabilitation purposes including but not limited to those who have suffered a stroke, diabetes, hypertension and heart attack. Also, within a short walking distance from the exercise equipment is a playground where parents can monitor their children playing as they work out. Unlike a regular gym which may or may not have a childcare program, parents can bring their children to the fitness park and avoid paying for expensive childcare fees.

Overall, the installation of fitness equipment in the parks provide a free service to the local community that can be accessed 24/7, provides accessibility for people of all ages and capabilities, and is extremely convenient to get to as the parks are located within walking distance from senior housing, playgrounds, and local bus routes.

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City of East Orange

East Orange is a 3.9 square mile city in Essex County, New Jersey with a community of approximately 65,000 residents (2014). East Orange shares borders with the following cities and towns: Newark to the east and south and Glen ridge and Bloomfield to the north. It is the States 20th most populous municipality in 2010 and ranked second of 22 in Essex County.