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Eat Well Play Hard – Fall Edition

Our last Fall session of the Eat Well Play Hard program in Clifton is up and running. This time we are in the preschool classes at CELA B. Our nutrition manager and nutrition assistant are providing weekly lessons in 8 classrooms for three and four year olds. They are also meeting once a week with the parents. The first week’s lesson was called Food Mood- a unit all about table manners and trying new food. The second week’s lesson was called Vary Your Veggies. The children listened to a book called The Vegetables We Eat. After the book everyone returned to their tables and made vegetable happy faces using cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and string beans. The best part was eating all the vegetables after! Parents learned the importance of eating and serving a variety of colors. They assembled their own salads with our DIY salad bar and made a homemade ranch dressing to go with it. The dressing was a hit and parents were excited to take home the ingredients so they can recreate this healthier salad dressing with their families. We look forward to the coming weeks where students and parents will learn how to stay physically active even in the winter and learn how to make tasty healthy snacks like our favorite “Apple Donuts” (Cored apples cut into circular slices and topped with sun butter and dried fruit). As always teachers are provided with follow up lessons so they can reinforce the concepts taught even after we leave.

We have had a busy but fun 2 years implementing the Eat Well Play Hard Curriculum at our Head Start programs in Clifton. We have watched as children who are normally picky eaters engage in vegetable taste tests and find new food they enjoy eating. Overall the sites who have participated in our program have seen an increase in healthy weights. Even though the grant cycle is ending we will continue sharing our love of healthy food in the classroom and look forward to providing support for our teachers as they model good eating behaviors and continue teaching about the importance of nutrition and physical activity. Center for Family Resources would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has collaborated with and helped us including the Clifton school district, our coach Janet Heroux, and our friends at the Partners for Health Foundation!

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Center for Family Resources is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the educational needs of income eligible children and their families from Passaic County. Head Start provides comprehensive services in the areas of education, social services, nutrition, and mental health. We also assist families to obtain health and dental services.