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Eating Healthy at the Town Pool

For many West Orange families, the Ginny Duenkel Pool is their favorite spot to spend their summer.  They spend hours at the Town Pool enjoying the amenities, the fun and friendship that comes with a summer at the pool.  However, the one question that is always asked is what to do for lunch.  The common refrain is we will visit the snack bar.  When eating at snack bars, the most popular and appealing items are chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks and other deep fried items.

Through our partnership with the NJHCN Community Grants Program, we are going to be able to implement a healthy choices menu at our pool’s snack bar.  Along side healthy staples such as bottled water and unsweetened iced tea, we are introducing items such as refreshing fruit cups, salads and grilled chicken as alternatives to fried foods and meat products.  This will allow families to continue their healthy eating habits while enjoying the summer fun at the Ginny Duenkel Pool.

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Township of West Orange (Via West Orange Recreation Dept.)

The Township of West Orange is home to nearly 50,000 residents in Essex County and the Recreation Department offers year round programming. In the Summer season, the Ginny Duenkel Pool is one of the most popular attractions in West Orange for individuals, families and senior citizens.