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Enjoying the Taste of Summer

Here at the Center for Family Resources the children in our summer programs are enjoying the meals on our summer menu which include lots of fresh seasonal produce like refreshing watermelon and salads. Our cooks have even been able to utilize fresh herbs and greens from our garden boxes.

The children also have been spending time in the nice weather in our outdoor classroom where they have the opportunity to experience nature up close as well as check on the progress of the vegetable seeds they helped to plant.  Last week they helped to pick a few pounds of juicy peaches from our peach trees. Some of the peaches that were picked were not quite ripe yet so we are conducting an experiment to see if we can ripen them by placing a few in a brown paper bag with an apple.

About the Grantee

Center for Family Resources (CFR)

Center for Family Resources is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the educational needs of income eligible children and their families from Passaic County. Head Start provides comprehensive services in the areas of education, social services, nutrition, and mental health. We also assist families to obtain health and dental services.