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Essex County Employee Health and Wellness Initiative

Employee Health and Wellness

By: Kaitlyn Daly

The Essex County Health Department is prioritizing Employee Health and Wellness through a new initiative. We have teamed up with the non-profit organization, Kula for Karma. Kula for Karma is a great organization that uses the power of yoga and meditation to heal and transform lives. Over the past 10 years they have brought their programs to hospitals, homeless shelters, youth centers, crisis centers, treatment centers and more.  Kula for Karma will provide us with monthly videos for our new Employee Newsletter. Each month the newsletter will focus on different topics and include a yoga video that will help our employees stay healthy and well.

During the past few months everyone’s lives have changed. Some employees are adapting to work at home, some are back at work and some are essential employees who never left work. Regardless of what category they are in everyone is experiencing more stress during this time. By providing these monthly newsletters we hope we can inform our employees how to stay healthy in ways they may not have thought about before. Different yoga videos will also be included in each month that can be watched repeatedly. Kula for Karma is known for their stress management and relaxation techniques which is why we felt it was important to team up with them for our employees.

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Essex County Health Department

Our organization is working to provide the best for our employees including access to healthy living.