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Events in the Workplace

This September, one of our largest Worksite Wellness partners, Safeway Foods, signed a new MOU for their commitment to worksite wellness. They recently scheduled three (3) events for the end of this year and into 2020.  In November, they will hold a Tobacco-Free event to sign up employees for NJ Quitline.  We’ll also be offering education on all tobacco products (including vape). We hope to partner with Inspira for the event so the support group sign-ups can be offered also.

Anticipated for May of 2020, Safeway plans to have a women’s health event, where we can have mobile units on-site for health screenings, as well as vendors providing women’s health resources and education.

Anticipated for June of 2020, Safeway plans to have a men’s health event, where we will offer education and risk assessments for various chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and anemia, as well as education on prostate health.

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