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Falling back into a school year routine

Here at Center for Family Resources we are off to a busy start to a new school year. Our returning students are helping teachers to show their new friends all about school and our routines such as washing hands before eating, helping to set the table, and cleaning up their plates after meal time. We provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack for the children in our programs. We practice family style dining where teachers and students all sit at the same table and eat the same food. Children serve themselves and learn to listen to their hunger cues to determine if they are hungry or full. No one is ever forced to eat anything they do not like/want, but are encouraged to try new foods with our teachers serving as role models. For many of our children this is a brand new experience and they are possibly being served food they have not tried before. At this stage during the school year we are giving everyone time to settle in to a new environment and slowly get comfortable with their surroundings. In addition to modeling good eating habits during mealtime children are read books about healthy food, engage in nutrition related lessons, and see the fruits and vegetables growing in our garden boxes near the playground. We look forward to an exciting year of fostering healthy eaters and adding new food to the always growing list of items our students try and like!

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Center for Family Resources (CFR)

Center for Family Resources is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the educational needs of income eligible children and their families from Passaic County. Head Start provides comprehensive services in the areas of education, social services, nutrition, and mental health. We also assist families to obtain health and dental services.