Grantee Blog 2020

Farm to School for a Healthy Future

Through the support of this grant, the United Way of Passaic County will be able to develop and implement a Farm to School program for the Paterson Public Schools (PPS). As a result, we expect to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for students and community members while also supporting the local economy. 

In the past, we have sourced local produce for taste tests in two of the PPS and are looking forward to replicating this on a larger scale. We are hoping to modify the language in the district’s bid to procure local and fresh foods districtwide. We will do this through the help of community partners and building upon our existing relationship with the PPS Food Service Department. In the fall, we helped to facilitate a meeting between the PPS Food Service Department and the Common Market – a nonprofit regional food distributor. An outcome of this meeting was the plan to serve local blueberries in the schools in June. 

Additionally, our bi-monthly Passaic County Food Policy Council meetings allow us to engage in advocacy activities with various stakeholders and build community awareness around the procurement of local foods by institutions in our community.

While COVID-19 has delayed our plans, we are adapting to the current circumstances and working with community partners to meet the increasing demand for food during this time.

About the Grantee

United Way of Passaic County

The United Way of Passaic County works to improve the lives of people in Passaic County by mobilizing the caring power of our community. Our goal is to promote healthy nutrition and a food environment within which all County residents can have access to healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.