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Fats Can Be Healthy Too

SATHI-SEHAT Project held a Health and Wellness event on Saturday, October 13th at the Durga Mandir in Princeton, NJ. Our Registered Dietitian discussed the importance of portion control, incorporating good fats in traditional South Asian meals and breathing techniques to deal with holiday stress. This event was held during “Navratri”, which are nine sacred days where many devotees fast for nine days. The temple did not allow us to serve any grains during this time.  Two healthier versions of traditional dishes were prepared and served for taste testing.


Peanut Sundal and Sweet Potato, Pomegranate and Avocado Salad were served. Taste testing was provided along with recipe cards to over 500 participants at the event. The recipes introduced the devotees to a modified version of the recipes that can be consumed during fasting.


Techniques for stress relief, including breathing exercises were demonstrated. Stress can lead to numerous medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, and thereby, reducing stress is important to improve our overall wellness.


It has taken us several months, but we are excited to report that we are gradually building relationships with the temple staff and the devotees. Many devotees mentioned that they wait for SATHI events each month.


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South Asian Total Health Initiative (SATHI) (Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

SATHI The South Asian Total Health Initiative (SATHI) was established in 2007 at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with the mission to improve health outcomes in South Asians living in the United States. SATHI serves as a platform to engage multidisciplinary professionals such as researchers, health practitioners, public health experts, community-based organizations and community members.