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February, 2021 Blog # 1 – City of Long Branch HD

http://As our 1st Blog of the New Year, we would like to report on the group activities the newest alliance partner – The Friends of Jackson Woods [Kathy Buchan]. Jackson Woods is Green Acres Open Space preserved in its natural native state. The Friends of Jackson Woods is a volunteer group that manages and over sees the area. Some of the great things happening are as follows: The DEP has finalized its ‘new trail’ work and permits are in the hands of the City Engineer. Bids are expected to be received in March and then work soon after.

New aggregate trails, bridge repairs, new trash and recycling receptacles are some of the planned improvements. It’s expected the work will be completed prior to the 20,000 recently planted daffodils start blooming. Planned in the future for May 15th is a 3-hour workshop explaining the process of creating and the functioning of rain barrels. The local NJ Watershed Ambassador, Emily McGuckin, will conduct the workshop and provide 15 rain barrels to those attending. Pictures of rain barrels and other attractions in Jackson Woods are attached.

Finally, Invasive Species Awareness week begins soon. Invasive species are a threat to habitats of birds and wildlife in any community where they live. They negatively impact the delicate balance and functionality of our ecosystem. With the volunteer help we are working towards controlling the invasive Japanese Knotweed that thrives in Jackson Woods. We do this by removing the Knotweed, cleaning up the impacted ground and then planting new native plant species.






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City of Long Branch Health Department

City of Long Branch HD is the lead organization for a partnership alliance of community groups and agencies serving residents. The goal of the grant and alliance is to improve healthy eating and nutrition and increase physical exercising such as walking and biking. Benefits of such activities are weight control, improvement in physical, mental and spiritual well being.