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Feeling Stronger

HG recently retired and did not want to sit home on her couch and watch television all day.  She was concerned about keeping physically and mentally active.  So she found, Kathy Jackson’s Shaping Elizabeth Chair Aerobic and Chair Yoga Classes at the Elizabeth Public Library.  Since attending the classes, HG says her arms are more toned and she has made some nice friends.  She and her fellow “movers and shakers” find the music motivating and the class a fun way to stay healthy.  The class is filled with smiles and laughs and they feel stronger every day.  They find the library a convenient location with good, safe parking.

Access to safe, affordable opportunities to be physically active is a concern for Elizabeth residents.  Holding these physical activity sessions at the Elizabeth Public Library is a great solution.  Since starting this year, Kathy’s classes have reached nearly 200 participants.  Participants don’t only benefit physically, but activity helps stimulate the brain, elevate mood, and prevent social isolation.  The library is so pleased with the Chair Aerobics and Chair Yoga classes; the entire schedule for 2020 has already been planned.

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a Healthy and Happy 2020!


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The Gateway Family YMCA

Shaping Elizabeth (SE) is a team of community members committed to improving the health and well-being of the residents of the City of Elizabeth by creating sustainable changes to systems, policies and the environment, by proposing and implementing strategies to close the health equity gap and support improved health, nutrition and physical activity for all.