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Fit Trail System Arrives in Franklin Borough

The new fitness system has arrived at the Department of Public Works for Franklin Borough. We are excited for the collaboration between the Y and the Borough of Franklin to come together and install this wellness opportunity for the people of Franklin.

The Franklin Pond has seen many revived opportunities for socialization over the past year, including the re-opening of the pond for swimming. The pond is a wonderful center point of activity and pride in Franklin and the Y is proud to be a part. The pond is the main location for the Franklin Carnival which is well know in the area as one of the largest carnivals ran by a town. Movie nights and family fun activities surround the pond through the summer engaging all who join. The Franklin Senior Center is also located at the pond.

The Borough has explained they plan to cluster stations in certain areas to give the participants opportunity to utilize certain stations in one are before moving on to the next area. Flexibility of installation is a huge advantage of this system. No matter the layout they choose to suit their use, the system being in place will no doubt offer the residents of Franklin and anyone who uses it an opportunity for wellness.

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