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Food and Fun

We just knew we had to have arts and crafts. It’s interesting however, more girls did arts and crafts while the boys mostly rollerbladed, played basket ball and ran around. The researcher observing here. I ask myself and colleagues, “How do we balance this dynamic?’ There need to be efforts made to engage the girls in physical activities in our meal programs.

What I’m focusing on is the healthy eating portion of our 2018 grant, we had 25 children participate in our after school hot meal program from April 30 to June 22. We currently have 28 children participating in our healthy eating program which is incorporated in our summer camp which concludes August 10.

Our after school hot meal program will start back up in September. We are very excited to see our number rise even higher this next go round.

Also, are beginning our policy change piece and assessment. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the Grantee

Trenton Housing Authority (THA)

The Trenton Housing Authority serves 2282 residents. Part of their mission is to assist their residents/communities to be better in the area of labor and workforce development. Now the THA is helping residents change the culture of health through this grant award and others.