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Food Bank of South Jersey’s Bus Stop Cafe

The Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) hit the road last summer to find and feed children in need with its Bus Stop Café, a school bus equipped to deliver fresh meals and give children an area to eat lunch in areas where there is no organized summer camp. This year FBSJ made some exciting changes to feed more kids in a renovated, air conditioned bus with built-in dining tables!

Having served more than 8,300 meals during the 2017 summer season, the Bus Stop Café provides children and parents with a temporary source of relief during the three months it operates in coordination with the Summer Meals program.

“Our mission extends well beyond simply feeding those in need,” states FBSJ Interim President and CEO, Joe Njoroge. “We want to engage kids with opportunities to benefit their health in greater ways with committed partners to execute a program that nourishes their bodies and their minds throughout the entire summer season.”

With the mission in mind, the bus’ updates also include convertible bench seating to accommodate more children comfortably, a functional sink so that every child can wash their hands before and after every meal, and a cooler to keep meals fresh and safe.

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Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ)

The Food Bank of South Jersey provides food to people in need, delivers health and wellness programs, and designs sustainable solutions to help people improve their lives.