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Freehold Township Pounds the Pavement

The Freehold Township Mayor’s Wellness Campaign has been busy in the last few months continuing to work with it’s partners.  Since the walk audit process in 2017, pictured below, the recommendations have been taken to the Township Engineer to assess the feasibility and cost of the recommended areas of improvement.  In February, an Engineering Estimate and map of proposed changes was generated, with three specific projects outlined.  This includes road crossings, better pedestrian crossings through entrance and exit ramps and additional paved side walk areas to connect existing pathways.  For the maximum impact, the Freehold Township MWC is currently working to leverage additional funds, in an attempt to complete all three projects.  Specifically, work with the Freehold Recreation Commission has continued to determine how they may be able to support this project to maximize impact.  The area for improvements are on the perimeter of Opatut Park and the YMCA of Western Monmouth County.  The mutual desire to increase access and use of the parks has created a wonderful opportunity to continue to work together on this project.

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Freehold Area Health Department

Freehold Township Mayor's Wellness Campaign began in 2013, with a focus on encouraging active lifestyles and engaging community partnerships. Recent work has concentrated on strategies to create better access to Township parks and healthy food choices, while strengthening new and existing partnerships in the community.