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Fresh Summer Smoothies and more with EZ Ride at Brazilian Meat Boutique

On the morning of August 11th, the EZ Ride Bike and Pedestrian team carried out another successful community wellness event in our Shaping Long Branch Healthy Community Initiative. Tables were set up for a creative collaboration with Monmouth Medical Center and the Brazilian Meat Boutique at 492 Joline Ave from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

The free healthy lifestyle resources offered to the Meat Boutique’s patrons were:

Customers were able to peruse a wide array of bilingual resources that included healthy recipes to be made with fresh ingredients as well as materials on healthy living.  These lifestyle resources were a hit with the families that came by, providing advice on sodium intake and suggesting healthier alternatives at fast food restaurants.  Thankfully, our resources on controlling blood pressure and high cholesterol were able to support a record number of 30 blood pressure screenings that the nurse performed. Translating “blood pressure” into Portuguese, “pressão sanguínea” was the phrase of the day, due to our desire to engage the store’s clientele. Many were enthusiastic to have their vitals checked and receive free advice. One woman, who is a champion bull rider, was keen to collaborate with EZ Ride for future community events where healthy food and active living is the focus.

Thanks to our funder, the NJ Department of Health, we distributed 28 samples of smoothies and over 50 samples of the sugar free hibiscus tea. Our funding also allowed us to give away free fruit cup coupons to patrons as they entered the building; and we gifted the store with a new blender to make fresh fruit smoothies out of their bruised produce.

After the event, Ricardo Dagher, owner of the Brazilian Meat Boutique had this to say, “The recent Shaping Long Branch health event at our store went really well. My customers really loved what was offered in terms of health info, free samples, healthy recipes, and coupons to get water and fresh fruit cups. We are very glad that we decided to partner with EZ Ride, the City and the NJ Healthy Community Network.”

For more info about our Healthy Community Network in Long Branch and the NJ Healthy Corner Store Initiative, please contact Lisa Lee, Grant King, or Eric Angeles at 201-939-4242 ext. 5 or , and

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