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Garfield COVID-19 Community Survey

The City of Garfield, in partnership with its Age-Friendly Community Initiative, Generations for Garfield (G4G), and academic partner, The NYU SoM, Department of Environmental Medicine (NYU Langone Health), is conducting a public health needs assessment for the residents of Garfield. It is anticipated that the needs of Garfield residents during, and in the aftermath of, the COVID-19 pandemic will be varied, therefore, it is particularly important to gather data from all residents and provide follow-up to those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  This data can then be used to better prepare for future public health (and other) emergencies, both in the short- and long-term. This is also an opportunity to connect with residents who have been potentially hospitalized, quarantined and/or under a state-mandated stay-at-home order, which can be very isolating and disruptive to the daily routine. This is particularly true for those without familial or social support. Additionally, gathering data regarding pre-existing health conditions or co-morbidities, environmental exposures (including smoking and/or vaping) or knowledge gaps regarding COVID-19 and infection control will be included in the survey and extremely valuable to all partners moving forward.  It is important to note, however, that as we move forward, identifying the needs of all residents, despite their COVID-19 status, is vital for City planning. Therefore, we will not exclude those who have not been tested or tested negative.  Residents will  be recruited using the flier (see below) at the pop-up produce markets currently taking place 2-3x per week in Garfield. Fliers will be inserted into the bag or box of packaged food they receive when they arrive at the drive-through market. Fliers will be provided to the host of the markets to be placed into packages ahead of time. We will also post the recruitment flier on the NYU CEC and G4G Facebook pages, the G4G and City of Garfield websites and the G4G Instagram account. The survey responses will provide data regarding potential environmental exposures, pre-existing conditions or additional risk factors potentially associated with COVID-19 infection.


The Garfield COVID-19 Community Survey is available in English and Spanish online to Garfield residents via this link: (English) or (Spanish).  The survey should takes about 5-6 minutes to complete and those who don’t have access to a computer can complete the survey over the phone by calling 646-754-9447. Please email or call Shannon with any questions: or 646-754-9447.

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City of Garfield

The mission of the City of Garfield is to promote a safe and healthy community through collaborative partnerships committed to improving the health and wellness of all residents.