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Getting Ready to Ride in Irvington!

Keri Martin and her team at Second Life Bikes in Asbury Park have been working hard to purchase and assemble the fleet of bikes that will be shared with Irvington, NJ. With word from Keri that our bicycle fleet was near completion, staff from the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University and NJAHPERD coordinated hands on, on-bike training earlier this month for Physical Education teachers in Irvington to make sure they were ready to start their in-class bicycle education lessons.  The training provided an introduction to the New Jersey Bikes School curriculum.  The New Jersey Bikes School curriculum is based on Bikeology, a curriculum published by SHAPE America developed in consultation with physical education, bicycle education, and injury prevention experts.  The New Jersey Bikes School curriculum condenses Bikeology to focus on lessons most appropriate for young children. The revised curriculum here omits the more advanced lessons from Bikeology, as well as in-class worksheets and other activities that do not involve physical activity.  The curriculum provides physical education teachers and recreation specialists the knowledge and resources to implement an on-bicycle safety education program for youth and contains the necessary preparations and minimum-level benchmarks to meet when teaching safe bicycle riding and is suitable for enhancing skill at the recreational bicycling level.

A Teachers’ In- Service Day on October 9th provided the perfect opportunity to present the teachers in Irvington with the New Jersey Bikes School curriculum. Staff from the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University and NJAHPERD went to Irvington to meet with Irvington Supervisor of Physical Education Dr. John Taylor and nine P. E. Instructors working at Irvington schools.   The training session started in the classroom where the group discussed curriculum basics and important off-bike lessons such as helmet fit, bike fit, and the rules of the road as they pertain to bicycling. The second half of the training was held outside and on-bike.   The on-bike session focused on teaching basic bicycle handling skills.  The instructors learned how to set up and to teach on-bike lessons including starting, hand signals, scanning/signaling, turning, and braking. Following the on-bike lessons, the P.E. teachers headed back inside for a discussion about program logistics and the opportunity to ask questions and learn from Lois Joyce, NJAHPERD President Elect, who had successfully incorporated these lessons into her P.E. classes prior to her retirement.

With the bike fleet nearly finished and New Jersey Bikes School curriculum training completed, we are looking forward to seeing on-bike bicycle education implemented in Irvington!

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