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Good things growing in West Milford!

The West Milford Health Department is pleased to announce that Westbrook Elementary School has been selected as the site for a brand new elementary school vegetable garden! The West Milford Public Health Nurse will partner with a Westbrook Elementary School grade 4 teacher as well as the Westbrook Elementary School Nurse to facilitate the new gardening program. While the beginning of the school year is always a busy time, our goal is to have seeds in the soil soon. Planning meetings have begun, and the Public Health Nurse will be working closely with the school facilitators to determine what kind of garden to install (standard vs. hydroponic) and how to integrate nutritional education into the gardening program. 

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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West Milford Health Department

We are a small local health department located in one of the largest (in land size) municipalities in New Jersey, the rural Northern Passaic County town of West Milford. Environmental health is a high priority for West Milford residents as the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act charges West Milford residents with protecting the water that supplies much of Northern NJ.