Grantee Blog 2020

Greetings from Bergen County Technical Schools

As you can imagine, our schools and offices are closed except for vital services. The overwhelming majority of our employees are working from home.

This down time has given me an opportunity to collaborate virtually with other employees as we brainstorm ideas and refine plans for our Employee Health Initiative that we can implement as soon as we are up and running again. We were in the midst of establishing a walking group when the district closed, so I have been able during these past two weeks to map out some walking routes on our Paramus campus, as well as explore nearby parks that offer walking paths and tracks. We are very close to the Saddle River County Park which runs through numerous towns and has distance markers posted along the walkways. This will be the venue we use for early morning or after work walks, with the campus routes and a nearby park available for lunchtime and break outings.

We’re keeping up our spirits, and counteracting enforced inactivity, through virtual yoga and meditation sessions offered by the yoga instructors who taught here last semester.

I feel lucky that I bought seeds for our school garden several weeks ago, because they are now hard to find. I had hoped to keep the seedlings in one of the school greenhouses; instead they are lining my windowsills! But they serve as a reminder that summer will come and we will all get through this time together.

Stay safe and well.

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Bergen County Technical Schools

The Bergen County Technical School District comprises four high school campuses, a daycare center, and Adult & Continuing Education division. Our partner district, Bergen County Special Services, educates students with disabilities ages 3-21, as well as provides educational and job training services to adults. The districts serve students and clients from 71 towns in Bergen County.