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Health Literacy Education with Unemployed Adults Living in Public Housing

Through needs assessment, we developed and managed the delivery of community-based health literacy programming to fulfill HUD mandated community service for unemployed adults living in public housing. This program represents a shift in policy for the Trenton Housing Authority concerning the community service mandate. We just wrapped up our winter/fall assessments of health literacy and urban health literacy workshops with unemployed housing residents.  We learned quite a bit from the assessments and during the urban health literacy sessions about communal and individual-based understanding and behavior when it comes to healthy eating and physical activity practices. In the end, however, we have a lot of work to do to motivate our communities to participate in healthy living programs.

About the Grantee

Trenton Housing Authority (THA)

The Trenton Housing Authority (THA) is committed to building and maintaining affordable housing for City of Trenton residents. We seek to create safe, energy efficient neighborhoods by partnering with individuals and organizations to provide affordable housing, education and employment opportunities for families of modest means who live in the City of Trenton.