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Health-On-Wheels by Neledith Rodriguez, Student Intern

Too frequently, well planned health initiatives and interventions have low attendance due to transportation barriers. At times, what seems like great community locations, can create unforeseeable barriers. Location is key! Project Eden strives to deliver “health-on-wheels” initiatives at our target population’s locations.

We are elated to announce Project Eden’s “on-site” healthy eating and physical activity “kick- off” event took place at Harvest House Senior Apartments on August 23rd. More than 30 seniors participated in the kick-off. Many would not have been able to participate if this event had been held at another location due to mobility and transportation issues. The event was a great success! Many thanks to the staff of our community partners, the Food Bank of South Jersey and Go Strong Fitness. The Food Bank used their mobile kitchen to provide nutrition education and a healthy meal demonstration. In addition to the delicious food samples, each participant received a bag of groceries with ingredients to replicate the recipe at home. Seniors had the opportunity to participate in an interactive physical activity demonstration presented by Bernai Holman of Go Strong Fitness.

Project Eden was on the road once again on August 24 at Bethany Baptist Church’s book bag giveaway held at Lindenwold High School in Lindenwold, New Jersey. Project Eden provided families with health education and practical materials to increase awareness and promote healthy lifestyles. Plans are underway to continue working with the Lindenwold School District on Project Eden’s healthy eating and physical activity initiative.

Additionally, transportation was a key issue identified in the Project Eden 2018 community health assessment. Project Eden is excited to continue providing healthy eating and physical activity initiatives via “health-on-wheels” throughout the Lindenwold community. Collaborating with our stakeholders and community partners enables us to deliver our initiatives right where people live, go to school, work and play, and thereby boost attendance at Project Eden events.

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