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Healthy AND Fun Worksites?

The importance of having healthy employees grows daily as more and more companies are realizing the benefits of a healthy workforce. In an effort to reduce health care costs through preventative measures, as well as promoting a healthy living lifestyle, Live Healthy Vineland’s approach to worksite wellness is to make it as easy and fun as possible. Many companies see a new initiative as another “project” or something to add to their “list.” LHV works as the convener to make sure Worksite Champions understand the goal of the initiative and make it fun!

Our team approaches initiatives to make them as easy as possible for employers to promote, engage employees, and create a sustainable program for all. Posters in stairwells with how many steps you just climbed and the amount of calories burned? Check. Nutrition information posted with healthy snacks? Check. Quiet or meditation times in the breakroom? Check. Employee challenges to win prizes? Done. Looking for sponsors to purchase a smoothie bike? ON IT! These are just some of the examples of simple and creative initiatives put into place in various worksites to engage employees. Being healthy at work doesn’t require a lot of effort, it requires a champion, resources, and creative minds to keep everyone active, healthy, and happy!

About the Grantee

Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA

Live Healthy Vineland is a movement to unify the efforts of employers and residents, along with community, municipal, and school district stakeholders, to build and promote a culture of wellness in the City of Vineland, with the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA as the lead agency.