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Healthy Eating is Alive and Well in Plainsboro

It was a busy off-season at the Plainsboro library.  Winter and early spring cooking and healthy eating programs demonstrated how to prepare different herbs for use year-round.  Seeds were planted in early spring and crops have sprouted.  Spurred by the healthy eating initiative, the image attached to this blog is part of a winter program to show children how easy and fun it is to choose healthy snacking options.

Planter boxes on the library balcony have been planted with parsley and basil, rosemary, thyme, three different types of kale, two different kinds of cucumber, zucchini, two different types of tomatoes, strawberry, and five different kinds of peppers.  Staff and volunteer help will tend the garden and harvest crops when ready.  Additional programs to show how easy it is to grow food and demonstrate the varied ways to prepare these ingredients are planned and forms the foundation of these efforts.  To say the least – heathy eating is alive and well in Plainsboro.

On the bike and walking front, Plainsboro just completed about a half-mile stretch of ten foot wide multi-use pathway.  The pathway connects residential developments and the town center to an elementary school and a middle school, and is across the street from the high school.  Funding for the project came from the New Jersey Department of Transportation with strong support from the school district.  The bike-sharing station continues to operate at the library with ridership anticipated to ramp up with warmer, more predictable, weather.



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