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Healthy Elsinboro Program Highlighted

On Friday, September 20th, stakeholders from around the state came together to highlight grantees and the programs they have worked on over the grant cycle. Elsinboro Township Mayor Sean Elwell, had the opportunity to speak as a part of a panel discussion in this forum. The panel focused on sharing the success of programs throughout the grant cycle and discuss their specific programs. Mayor Elwell highlighted the joint-use agreement that has been executed between Elsinboro Township and Elsinboro School.

The Healthy Elsinboro Program continues to make progress. We are excited to have made such progress over the grant cycle and are excited to share our intent to apply for the next round of funding.

About the Grantee

Elsinboro Township

Elsinboro Township is a rural community located along the Delaware River in Salem County. One of New Jersey's first communities, Elsinboro Township offers a rich history. With just over 13 square miles of land, Elsinboro Township has something for everyone.