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Helping Dover Recover

The town of Dover has just experienced a disaster. A fire in downtown has destroyed six buildings housing families and businesses. For months, Connect to Walk and Bike has worked with the community assessing and recommending walking and biking connections. We hope that our efforts can bring the community some relief as they re-group and rebuild. There are opportunities for walking on sidewalks and some trails. Additional actions will need to be taken to repair or extend sidewalks, and to extend trails. In some cases, cooperation with local businesses will be needed so users can skirt their property. Biking is more challenging as traffic and speed can be a problem. State Highway 46 runs through town and several local roads are very heavy during commuting hours. A construction project in downtown is rerouting automobiles onto other roads. Recent public meetings have also reviewed options for at-grade rail crossings without safety gates. As we prepare to present findings to the town officials, we will encourage them to act on the easy recommendations first, such as speed enforcement and repainting or installing pedestrian crosswalks.

About the Grantee

Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike committee works with willing partner communities to access, review, map, and recommend connections for walking and biking. The project uses demographics, community surveys, and the input of community officials to determine the best locations.