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Helping Wellness Find Deeper Roots

Center for Prevention and Counseling has realized the importance of wellness as a deep-rooted part of our organization. We have continued to plant these roots through our quality assurance board, which has added health and wellness as a core competency committee. Through programs and events we are finding ways to share wellness in more and more aspects of what we do.

We have been excited to continue to share health incentives from our insurance with our staff, and also began in the process and planning of bringing lunch and learn workshops to help the staff learn more. We are excited and lucky to have partners in the community willing to share their knowledge and expertise with our staff of over 50 people. Along with our staff we have held events with the recovery community. We have known the importance healthy eating and physical activity with helping people sustaining recovery from substance use disorders and continue to do what we can to help make the healthy choice easier and easier for those we work with (both our co-workers, our clients and our community).

About the Grantee

Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC)

Center for Prevention and Counseling, Newton, NJ, is a healthy non-profit in Sussex County for over 45 years dedicated to community wellness and recovery from substance use disorder. CFPC is a grant and donation driven agency. The prevention, treatment and recovery team members bring together an educated and evidence-based community approach to healthy living, free from substances.