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Homeless Solutions Healthy Children Initiative

Most children eagerly await the holiday season — one filled with gifts and special memories.  But for children living in a homeless shelter, it can sometimes be difficult to dream about that special time of year filled with evergreens, brightly wrapped gifts, and a home cooked meal.  In fact, a child who has suffered the trauma of homelessness often struggles to imagine anything beyond the daily routine of the shelter.

Which is why, with the holiday season upon us, we invest a lot of time to make this a special time for our children — a decorated tree, gaily-wrapped presents, and delicious meals prepared by our volunteers.

And nothing in the world compares to the happy shrieks of laughter as the children unwrap their gifts.  It’s the best sound ever.

Another time we hear that same laughter is when our children return from summer camp.  Which is why although our children arrived back from camp nearly five months ago, every child is hoping for one more gift this holiday season — the chance to go back to camp!  They count down the days until they can see their old camp friends, roast a marshmallow over the fire, hike a challenging trail, or sleep out under the stars.

They even come to our holiday festivities in their summer camp hoodies — remarking on how Camp 2019 is thing they want the most!  To see a child that has experienced so much hardship be able to dream and anticipate something so meaningful is filling our holiday season with much joy — and anticipation for future memories!

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Our mission is “to offer shelter, social services and supportive housing to homeless and low-income people.” We make that an everyday reality through a strategically-designed architecture of housing options -- Emergency Shelter (short term), Transitional Housing (intermediate), and Affordable Housing (long term) – that combined with supportive services, help move people to better, healthier lives