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How Fitness Changed Our Lives

By Tasha Mercer

The Word of Faith Christian Fellowship Inc. Church had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Faith in Prevention Program which attributed to health and fitness workshops held for six weeks. Through the workshops there was a portion that focused on health education, healthy cooking and eating, as well as fitness.  Due to negative outlook on fitness and exercise, a lot of participants who were not used to a lot of physical activity were more hesitant than those who incorporate physical activity/exercise into their daily lives.  Those participants who were not used to physical fitness activities associated it with pain and being inadequate and not able to complete the exercise given.  Throughout the six weeks fitness instructors were dedicated to finding exercises that encompassed the group as a whole, building up endurance, confidence, while also finding ways to make fitness enjoyable.

By the fourth, week those participants who had never worked out and were hesitant about participating in the fitness portion of the workshops were much happier and confidant about fitness and working out. Participants encouraged one another and also paired up to help hold their partners accountable. After learning the benefits of working out, and actually feeling the results, all of the participants were motivated to continue working out. Participants expressed how they had much more energy and also a lot more confidence since starting the program. Some people even admitted to sleeping better and feeling rejuvenated the next day.

Participants left the workshops eager to continue their fitness journeys. Each individual set realistic goals for themselves and were committed to holding one another accountable to those goals. Everyone aimed for results for a healthier life and was committed to the benefits fitness activities brought them.

While funding from NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids has allowed this program to extend community-based social supports for physical activity to more communities than otherwise possible, Faith in Prevention was just funded by the NJ Department of Health for its fifth year! Applications are open and will be collected until September 29, 2019. We have rolling admissions for faith-based organizations that apply for the program.  Priority will be given to those that apply early.

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