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2018 Highlights

  The Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services (CREEHS) at Montclair State University evaluates implementation and accomplishments of NJHCN Community Grants Program. The 2018 evaluation report is in! Following are some of the findings –

“I like the way the whole grant program is set up with the technical assistance, calls, and cohort meetings. I really like the cohort meetings because I do get a lot of ideas when I hear what other people are doing…so I think that’s really beneficial.”

– NJHCN Grantee


Healthy Eating:

17,165 Number of new square feet devoted to gardens with this grant funding (9 grantees)

4,789 Number of students enrolled in school breakfast programs supported by this grant (3 grantees)

452 Number of hours of instructional content delivered in the classroom using the school garden (11 grantees)

11 Number of new or enhanced sites for farmer’s markets, stands or mobile markets (9 grantees)

11 Number of restaurants formally participating in healthy menu initiative (3 grantees)

3 Number of new stores participating in Healthy Corner Store Initiative (n=3 grantees)

Active Living:

13,660 Number of new square feet enhanced for physical activity (8 grantees)

150 Number of new opportunities for active living created through this grant (19 grantees)

18 Number of programs to support walking or biking to school (3 grantees)

4 Number of written shared-use agreements (2 grantees)

2 Number of physical/environmental changes made to address pedestrian and/or bicyclist safety (2 grantees)

Both Healthy Eating and Active Living:

3,093 Number of children reached in schools, preschools, and/or child care centers (6 grantees)

31 Number of workplaces implementing new wellness programs or policies (4 grantees)




Healthy Eating:

Active Living: