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“Thurgood Marshall will be riding after spring break”

The bicycles have arrived at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Irvington, and their Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Glenn Inman, is excited to being the program.

Due to the upcoming spring break, students at Thurgood will begin their bicycle education safety course beginning the week of April 29th

“We didn’t want to create a situation where students receive instruction on bike riding for one week, and then were off for 12 days,” said Irvington Supervisor of Physical Education, Dr. John Taylor. “The students know the bikes are coming to Thurgood, and they are excited to begin. This really gives them something to look forward to after spring break.”

Thurgood Marshall will have the bicycles and related equipment for four weeks. After that, Chancellor Avenue Elementary will begin their month-long course.

“Mt. Vernon loved their pedaling”

For the month of March, fourth and fifth grade classes at Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Irvington, NJ participated in a month-long bicycle safety education course. The course was facilitated by Mt. Vernon Physical Education Teacher, Salim Laib.

Mr. Laib taught the same course to students at Grove Street Elementary in Irvington earlier this school year. He received training on his instruction.

“Running this type of class for the second time only made me a better teacher,” said Mr. Laib. “I think any teacher will tell you the first time they teach material may not be their best performance. It may be good to help students obtain some skills, but as I grew more comfortable with the instruction, I think the students at Mt. Vernon really benefited.”

The Mt. Vernon students learned how to properly adjust their helmets, pedal, turn, and safely stop. The students were also taught how to properly care for their bikes, and safety rules associated with riding in public.

“The students really learned a lot during these four weeks,” said Mr. Laib. “Being in an urban community, bike riding is often not seen by younger students. I’m really happy they got this experience.”





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