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Irvington Bike Blog January 2019

Bicycle education is starting at Madison Elementary

The bicycles have arrived at Madison Elementary School in Irvington, and their Physical Education Teacher, Ms. Shannon Ostoyic, is already fast at work implementing the program.

In their first week, the students at Madison have already been performed their pre-tests and are learning about the parts of a bicycle and necessary safety rules.

“I’m excited about teaching bicycle safety to the students at Madison,” said Ms. Ostoyic. “We’ve never had this opportunity in Irvington before, and I think teaching students’ skills that they may not learn otherwise is a rewarding venture for any educator.”

Madison will facilitate the bicycle education for the next four weeks, and the curriculum will coincide with the school’s involvement with the Safe Routes to School program.



Berkeley Terrace sees big gains in riding

For the month of January, Berkeley Terrace Elementary School in Irvington facilitated a bicycle riding and safety education course during their Physical Education classes. The lesson, facilitated by Berkeley Terrace P.E. Teacher, Mitchell Perry, aimed to help student improve on their riding abilities, and knowledge regarding bicycle laws and care for the equipment.

“I was really nervous about starting this course at first,” said Mr. Perry. “But after the first few lessons, I saw how the students were improving. They looked forward to the course each class and were excited to participate in P.E. each day.”

The instruction proved to be effective, evident by pre and post-test scoring outcomes. At the beginning of the unit, students were evaluated on their ability to identify bike parts, how to mount a bike, and their abilities to pedal, turn right and left, and braking evenly.

Using a 4.0 scale, only 32.1 percent of participating students earned a 3.0 or higher in all evaluation categories. After four weeks of instruction, 73.6% of students earned 3.0 or higher scores in all areas.

This shows the bicycle education curriculum was a tremendous success at Berkeley Terrace, and instilled valuable lifetime activity and safety skills within the students.


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