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It takes a Village

It takes a village… This African proverb explains how an entire community of people plays a part in creating a safe and healthy environment for children to grow in. This blog post is dedicated to a longtime friend and colleague who is playing a crucial role in creating a healthy environment for her village, Lekeshea Brooks-Werz.

While in person wellness services at NBI have paused we have continued to keep our women’s wellness pantry open to serve our pregnant patients who need grocery and baby/mom care supplies. In addition to the Community Food Bank supplying pantry items we have donations coming from a local Newark food hub and Hello Fresh. This comes to us by a local super star, Lekeshea Brooks-Wertz who has increased her service to her Newark community during these stressful times. A social worker at John F. Kennedy School for children with special needs and a social worker at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Lekeshea has been spending  her free time delivering food to her student’s families and those in need. Lekeshea spends every Friday picking up fresh local food and delivering it to some of the families who are unable to go out and pick up themselves, then she graciously stops by our little women’s wellness pantry. This week she dropped off a huge bag of red onions, Italian peppers, apples, fresh broccoli, and carrots! Thanks to Lekeshea we are able to provide Healthy and fresh produce to our moms and moms to be. Pregnancy is a time of rapid growth and changes for both mom and her developing baby. Inadequate nutrition from food insecurity puts both mom and baby at risk for many negative health effects. We are so grateful for the support Lekeshea provides in this fight against hunger and food insecurity. We love you and are grateful for all that you do! Thank you for being a part of the village!

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Newark Beth Israel Medical Center has successfully discharged 500 Covid patients! In a thoughtful and structured way NBI will begin to resume normal services in order to safely and reliably serve our communities, and care for all patients as the circumstances permit.