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Keeping Caldwell Students Safe

This summer the Borough of Caldwell’s Department of Public Works prepared for the safe return of students in September. In an effort to promote safety and for our student wellbeing, the Borough bought and installed 39 cross walk signs.  These signs, in bright yellow, send a clear message to drivers that a crosswalk is imminent.  “The crosswalk signs are designed to alert drivers of a possible pedestrian in the roadway.  This combined with Crossing Guards at various posts should provide extra security as students walk to school,” said Caldwell’s Sargent Michael Pellegrino.

To complement the cross walk signs, as part of the Healthy Communities Grant, the Borough also purchased double-sided, middle of the road signs that tell drivers to “Stop for Pedestrian.”   Sargent Pellegrino continued by stating that “these in-street knock down signs are an added safety tool that gives the illusion that the roadway is narrowing.  This provides an added protection to cross walks since it naturally slows the driver down.”

The Borough of Caldwell is committed to creating a walking community, one that provides a safe route to school for all students. The addition of these proven safety features moves Caldwell closer to that goal and provides peace of mind for parents as they send their children back to school.


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The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services (CDHHS) promotes physical and mental wellbeing through disease detection, prevention and education as well as policy development. CDHHS prides itself on overseeing and implementing innovative programs and services that promote the wellbeing of each and every Caldwell resident while keeping the Borough healthy and safe.