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Kids’ Cafe’ Part 2

Drum roll please, Lincoln Park presents the second Kids Café. The sun was shining, the kids were smiling, food was being prepared and who could possibly ask for a better day? As 20 kids gathered outside, grabbed their aprons, and found their seats, we were ready to get started. The dietitian came to assist in creating fun and healthy recipes for all the children. The children began making a rainbow veggie wrap. As Danielle, the dietitian, said the first time, “everyone has to try at least one bite,”. The carrots, radish, feta cheese, cream cheese, tomatoes and corn filled the tortilla wrap; distracted by the beautiful colors every child tried their creations and most were very surprised by how much they enjoyed this weird purple vegetable! The children also got the opportunity to have apple slices with sunflower butter. This was a new item for most children, and they couldn’t get enough of it. Each family that attended got the opportunity to take home grocery bags filled with all the materials to make these recipes at home with their families. At the Kid’s café, we got the privilege of having helpers from the Lincoln Park Middle School to come and assist the children. Sema and Saim wrote about their experience:

“When we were at the Kids’ Cafe it was a very good time. As my brother and I grow older, it was nice that we were able to help the younger kids. We both liked that we were able to make some food and have activities after. The food itself was very delicious and it was nice that we could make our food with the ingredients that we liked. Every adult who was there was super, super kind. We are thankful that we were able to help and that it was a fun and delicious experience,”.


Not only did the children get to try new foods, but the kids also got the chance to show off their creative side by making cards for the residents at the long-term care center in Lincoln Park. A program created by the Health Department called Kids Kards for Karing, which is connecting the elderly population with the younger children to spread positivity. The children designed the most beautiful cards, each unique and personal for the residents. The Kid’s Café was a great day, and we are looking to more time spend with this amazing group!


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