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KidsFit: Watching Healthy Food Grow!

The hydroponic system at Hamilton Intermediate School in Harrison, NJ is up and running! Since its arrival, the 5th grade students have planted and tended to different vegetables and herbs including spinach, kale, and basil. Tying health into the science curriculum, the hydroponic system is an effective way to grow healthy vegetables in a smaller confined space. To take care of these vegetables, the plants must maintain the correct pH levels, so the students have been learning about pH and the pH scale, different examples of beverages with different pH levels, and testing different beverages to physically measure the pH. Coupled with learning about acids and bases, they have been measuring and recording the pH balance of the water to make sure it is within the appropriate range for the plants to survive. When the plants are ready to harvest in the coming weeks, the students will be making a basil pesto dish, we’re all excited to taste!


About the Grantee

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

KidsFit is a comprehensive wellness program for Kids and those who love them. There are two layers to the program, treatment of childhood obesity and prevention of childhood obesity. Newark Beth also recognizes the importance of access to healthy food and with the Beth greenhouse we hydroponically produce fresh produce year round.