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Life and Wellness Coaching

As an intern student, under the mentorship of Amy Beth Jones, Manager of Volunteer Engagement, I am excited about the opportunity to join Family Promise Union County and its Family Wellness Program.  The professional and ministerial work I’ve done is highly aligned with the program’s promotion of greater holistic health and wellness for its guests and former guests.  I am specifically impressed with the organization’s service in simultaneously elevating both the living status as well as the social-emotional status of our guests.  The aim of this kind of social work is to meet folks where they are and give them a self-determinant hand to improve their lives.  It has been awesome being a part of the change process, especially when that change effects so many other people.

Geleen Donovan, Executive Director, referred the perfect couple to kick-off my health and wellness activities.  I used to envision “homelessness” as resourceless individuals without the relational benefits of family or other networks.  Never did I imagine that a younger couple, engaged to be married, with two young boys and one on the way, with one of the partners having a 10yr. solid job – would be the model of homelessness I’d come to know.  I’ve been serving as my new clients’ (or “guests” as they’re affectionately known) Life and Wellness Coach since September and it’s been a thrill helping them fortify themselves and their relationship.

Our COVID-19 inability to meet in person didn’t prevent us from initiating the change that was so anticipated by both guests.  We were blessed, like so many other health service providers, with the ability to utilize telehealth modes of contact.  We began our sojourn with a Zoom series of psychoeducational social skills development trainings (conflict resolution, communication, and personality styles) which was fun and gave us a chance to begin a trusting therapeutic relationship. With newly developed understandings of self and a new love language our couple stands in better position to nuance, navigate, and negotiate their way through a highly stress impacted environment.  I’m eager to know what the future holds for my current guests and I look forward to working with more individuals, couples, groups, and even communities as Family Promise continues to holistically empower families.

About Morris Lucky:

Morris Lucky joins Family Promise as a M.Div. student from the Drew University Theological Seminary.  He holds a B.A. from the North Carolina Central University, a MSW from Rutgers University, and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.  Lucky is also the Student Assistance Coordinator with the Plainfield Public Schools (NJ), an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the Union County College in Cranford, NJ, and the developer of the Open Hand – Social Work ministry at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Plainfield, NJ.

About the Grantee

Overlook Family Medicine - Family Promise Union County Health Education Partnership

Overlook Family Medicine and Family Promise Union County have partnered to provide health education to the many families we serve who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Family Promise Union County provides emergency shelter, food and services to families, and individuals who are homeless in Union County, with a professional staff and a vast volunteer network.