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Local Healthy Food is Essential!


June 2020

Local Healthy Food is ESSENTIAL!

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services (BDHHS) will offer fresh produce through City Green Veggie Mobile to make it more convenient option among our residents. We are over joyed to announce that Mobile Veggie Truck will be available on Tuesdays between 4:30-6pm from July 7 – Sept 2020. Our goal of expanding the Mobile Veggie Truck will offer tabling events and expansion at our primary location and a pilot program in a second location targeting lower- income areas where healthy food options are less abundant.

Our visit to City Green in Clifton was conducted on March 10, 2020, to plan the return of the Mobile Veggie Truck in Bloomfield, NJ. We enjoyed a tour of their facility and observed hard working employees getting ready for the season. In addition to several acres of organic food production, the Eco- Center boats a learning farm, chickens, goats, beehives and a greenhouse.

Soon after our plan was in place the State of NJ issued a Stay at Home Order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At first our hopes of bringing back the Mobile Veggie Truck to our community this season were dampened not knowing how long the Stay Home order would be in effect. After several weeks passed there was a light at the end of the tunnel. We spoke to Lisa Martin, City Green’s Food Access Manager, about the importance of providing healthy foods/produce to the number of families in our community (and throughout the state) without access to healthy foods and fresh produce. By working together as community partners we will continue to create an overall healthier community with a reduced risk of health related problems among our residents.

The BDHHS and City Green is committed to provide access to healthy local foods in a safe manner. Our priority is keeping our community and employee’s safe. Social distancing practices and face coverings will be observed at the Mobile Veggie Trucks locations. The City Green staff will be wearing protective face coverings, disposable gloves, and will adhere to a strict cleaning and sanitizing schedule of the mobile unit such as contact surfaces and payment equipment.

As we put everyone’s safety first, the food will be packed in value boxes rather than having an open selection farm stand. The produce will be offered in pre-packaged boxes of varying values ($5, $10, $15).

City Green has a longstanding SNAP and WIC “Good Food Buck” fruit and vegetable discount program offering a safe and affordable grocery shopping option for our residents. We are very excited to continue this amazing opportunity for our community in Bloomfield, NJ.


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