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Long Branch Awarded $230,000 SRTS Infrastructure Grant to Promote Walking and Improve Safety!

Congratulations Long Branch! The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) announced the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Grant winners in the northern NJ region in May 2019. EZ Ride’s Bike & Pedestrian Team is proud to report that the City of Long Branch was awarded $230,000 of Federal SRTS infrastructure reimbursement funding. Long Branch is one of four municipalities in Monmouth County to win this grant, and one of only eleven municipalities in the North Jersey region. A total of $5,800,000 was awarded to the eleven winning municipalities. The money will be used for different infrastructure projects that support  pedestrian or bicycling safety.


The grant money awarded to Long Branch will be utilized to build sidewalks on John Street which leads directly to the Amerigo A. Anastasia Elementary School and is close to the Gregory School Senior Apartments on 7th Avenue.  Currently there are no sidewalks on both sides of John Street to help kids walk safely to school. The sidewalk improvements on Prospect Street will help kids walk to both the Morris Avenue Elementary School and the Trinity School. These improvements will have a positive impact on residents, local businesses, and several schools. John & Prospect Streets can be seen in the photo above. The orange lines show the streets where the improvements will be made to improve sidewalks, crosswalks, signage and lighting. Making Long Branch more bikeable/walkable as well as more safe is a high priority for EZ Ride’s Team and new sidewalks will provide residents and students with a safe way to walk and get more exercise.

For more info, please contact EZ Ride’s Bike & Ped Team at 201-939-4242 or or

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