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As part of its Healthy living and exercise activities, the City is assisting the Save Jackson Woods volunteers with its efforts to upgrade this preserved environmental open space.  Jackson Woods improvements are a work in progress.  This initiative has been on-going for a few years.  However, the fruits of all this hard work are really beginning to become evident.  


There is a new Gazebo, new park entrance signs as well as some landscaping around the Gazebo.  The wooden bridge repairs and addition of a new boardwalk over some of the wettest marsh lands have been accomplished and look great.  A new message board has also been installed with the help of the LB Department of Public Works.  The message board was purchased by the Environmental Commission with funds from an ANJEC grant.  New plantings like the blueberry bushes are thriving and the garden created by Scout Group #60305 is truly amazing.


Future work includes: improving the many trails through Jackson Woods, completing the recommendations from the NJ Invasive Species Strike Force to free our native trees and plants from the vines choking them out.  There are also plans to add a word garden and benches for use by students, the Audubon Society and senior citizen walking groups.  New daffodil plantings are being scheduled for the Fall.  All in all, it’s an exciting time for Jackson Woods.  The City and LB Health Department are excited to assist and promote this continuing effort.  

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