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March Snackness… Madness

There was a healthy snack madness – or as they say it, March Snackness – going on at the Lincoln Annex School in New Brunswick in March this year. During the event, students in each classroom worked together as a team to plan, prepare, and present the healthiest and tastiest snack, and the classrooms competed against each other to win this school-wide challenge.

As the students searched and prepared their recipes, March Snackness engaged them to apply their healthy eating knowledge that they learned during FoodCorps programming as well as their knowledge and skills in math, writing, history/geography, science, and language. Students also incorporated the knowledge of healthy food options in their local food environment. Healthy food options, which can be found in the Hub City Fresh Healthy Corner Stores and local farmers markets, was a part of their planning and preparation. With the help of the Community Connections partner and FoodCorps educator Madison Conroy, they searched through the healthy food options to incorporate.  At the end, they displayed their work in the healthy recipes as well as in their poster presentations.

Day after day during the March Snackness, the students filled the school cafeteria to showcase their work. Their colorful posters surrounding the room, presentation stations, and delicious snacks were an amazing site to witness their skills, creativity, and excitement. With the help of the NJHCN funding, the March Snackness was a success. As stated by the Lincoln Annex School and FoodCorps leadership, March Snackness connected the students to healthy food options, empowered them to make healthy food choices, and created a school-wide culture of health and wellness.

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