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March Snackness

We are excited to announce that FoodCorps has been added to another school in Paterson! In addition to School 8, Julia will now be doing programming in School 17. The principal and teachers are very passionate about nutrition education and we can’t wait to learn more about the student’s food preferences.

A number of exciting lessons took place this past month at School 8. In Health class the students learned about foods that give us energy (grains), help us grow strong (protein) and help us stay healthy (fruits and vegetables). The lesson was called “Go, Grow, Glow” and we made a crunchy kale salad that incorporated the three categories. It has been noted that kids will eat pretty much anything with a Maple-Dijon Vinaigrette.

In Science class the first graders were learning about light, so we made three “camera lenses”: opaque, transparent and translucent. We then examined what our foods look like under these three lenses and ended the lesson with a green pea dip that they shockingly loved.

In second grade, we learned about the various properties of liquids and solids. We gathered materials from the garden and dropped them in a water bottle to see what would sink, float, mix or dissolve. The students also combined oil and vinegar when making a salad dressing.

The gym at School 8 has also been serving as the cafeteria, which means during lunch the gym teachers are limited as to what they can do…especially during the winter. After a number of conversations, the school was able to combine two large classrooms and make a new cafeteria!

It was an action-packed month and we are excited for what next month brings!






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