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MCOHA and Faithful Families: Little by Little Changing our Communities!

MCOHA continues building a healthy community through partnerships with local faith organizations and will soon start the six classes part of Faithful Families program at the First Pentecostal Church of Dover. The faith communities provide places where people feel safe in and trust, an ideal environment to learn about health and wellness. In collaboration with Pastor Darcy Quiles, MCOHA is planning to teach and reinforce healthy eating behaviors and physical activity. The goal is to organize cooking demonstrations and teach the classes for participants at each session. MCOHA will continue to build and support this faith community’s efforts to provide this great program to its members by creating a comfortable environment that will allow participants to learn and share their experiences and knowledge. We deeply appreciate all that Atlantic Health System has done and continues to do to improve the well-being of the area’s residents while advancing the health of our communities.

About the Grantee

Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs (MCOHA)

MCOHA helps improve the lives of the Hispanic and low- income residents of Morris County and surrounding communities by providing direct social services, education, and client advocacy. Our vision is to inspire hope and community integration and to help build a community that promotes cultural heritage while ensuring the health and well-being of the individuals and families that we serve.