Grantee Blog 2020

Meet and Greet and Eat!

Our Victory Garden was fully planted and looking beautiful. The picnic benches and donated recycled bench were set up and the fence was installed to provide some barrier between the garden and the local businesses. However, the fence is only four feet in height and includes a gate that allows the local businesses to have easy access to the garden and picnic area.  With everything in its place, we were ready for the grand opening where the community, Mayor and Commissioners were invited for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Our volunteers continue to cultivate the garden and offer the fruits of their labor to the community.

With the State starting to open up, we are planning to start renting and hosting gatherings at our new recreation center.  We have put a lot of effort into the surrounding grounds with a new swing, exercise equipment and percussion instruments and we are looking forward to showing this space to many more residents.

Our food bank strategic plan is still a work in process, but we are committed to this cause and will revisit again very soon.

About the Grantee

Borough of Audubon

Our grantee organization is comprised of a couple of Borough employees and many, many dedicated volunteers. Our community is small, but their hearts are large!