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Mobile Hydroponic System in KidsFit Classrooms

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is strengthening their KidsFit Program with the support of the NJ Healthy Collaborative Network. KidsFit is a wellness program that focuses on cultivating healthy lifestyles and behaviors within the classroom. The program is specifically designed for the challenges of children growing up in an inner city. KidsFit teaches children how to make healthy choices in an environment where the healthy options are generally not the easy options. Currently, the Beth Greenhouse, a hydroponic growing system offers year round field trips and farmers markets to help increase the accessibility and affordability of fresh food. Now, a mobile hydroponic system will be bringing fresh food right inside the classroom. Students will be growing and eating the most locally grown vegetables possible! School staff will be able to integrate the hydroponic system into science lessons on ecosystems, the life cycle of a plant and more. Additionally, the produce grown in the system will augment the recipe portion of the KidsFit program allowing students to sample the fruits of their labor.

About the Grantee

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Kerri Likakis MS RD CPT, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for 8 years. She has a background in fitness, agriculture and a love for cooking healthy food for kids and those that love them!