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Mom & Son Win Healthy Raffle Basket, Brightens Their Winter Day

“This is a good event and customers appreciate it. We hope to do more of the same in the future. Everyone is thankful for this nice event by EZ Ride. Everyone is happy about the healthy snacks and fruits.” – Ricky, Store Employee

On a bright winter day, the team of EZ Ride set up tables with brochures and healthy samples for a special healthy corner store event as part of the Shaping Long Branch Healthy Community Initiative. Our event was held at Welsh Farms at 22 Wall Street, West Long Branch, NJ from 10am to 12pm on Saturday, January 12, 2019. Two nurses from Monmouth Medical Center, Paula and Linda, also came to provide free blood pressure and blood glucose screenings for the community.

It was our first event at this store and it strengthened our relationship with local residents, the Welsh Farms staff, and Monmouth Medical Center. Nurse Linda commented, “It’s a good service for the community. We frequently pick up undiagnosed problems like hypertension (high blood pressure). The healthy food component provides a lot of excellent suggestions for good eating habits. There is an abundance of good info, recipes, and samples of healthy snacks that are ethnically diverse. The raffle basket contains healthy food choices and snacks. Nutritious and tasty.”

Thanks to our funder, the NJ Department of Health, we proudly gave out 23 healthy recipe cards and 37 samples (multigrain tortilla chips with salsa, and plantain chips with lime). In addition to the nutrition information and the healthy samples, customers were able to redeem healthy coupons worth $4 for a fresh fruit cup with pineapple, cantaloupe, papaya, and grapes, along with a water bottle. We ended up distributing 50 coupons.

Not only did they have access to all the free goodies, the customers also had the opportunity to win a healthy lifestyle raffle basket. The raffle basket had lots of healthy treasures including two bags of dried beans, a can of solid white albacore tuna,  extra thin pretzels, honey oat cheerios, a package of assorted nuts, cashews, vegetable soup, canned pineapple in water, a granola bar, and a water bottle. Out of the 16 raffle basket participants, Nicolsa and her son won the basket! They were grateful for EZ Ride’s community health efforts in Welsh Farm’s healthy corner store.

For more info about our Healthy Community Network in Long Branch and the NJ Healthy Corner Store Initiative, please contact Lisa Lee, Victoria Alizo, or Eric Angeles or at 201-939-4242 or, , or

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