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Monitoring Air Quality in Camden

On September 12, 2018, the Camden Collaborative Initiative’s Air Work Group facilitated an Idle-Free subcommittee meeting. Participants gathered to discuss the efforts geared towards the reduction of vehicular idling in the City of Camden. The conversation included stakeholders from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United Way, Camden County Municipal Utility Authority (CCMUA), and Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP).

Participants began developing an action plan to address the idling issues starting with neighborhoods where residents have raised concerns. Next, the subcommittee will audit the primary areas of concerns and identify next steps. Once complete, the plan is intended to be used to assist with the implementation of Idle-Free efforts throughout the Camden community.

NJDEP has committed local support with a designated Air-Quality Coordinator who will be monitoring idling activities throughout the city on a regular basis and share frequent data  reporting on idling back to the committee. Monitoring example could include idling outside of schools during the day but not including drop-off or dismissal time (picture attached).

Looking ahead, the Idle-Free subcommittee will explore strategies to work to inform all respective stakeholders of the Idle-Free efforts citywide, discuss the opportunity for partnerships as well as talk about approaches from other communities and how they might be applied in Camden.

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Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

Cooper's Ferry Partnership is the backbone organization of the Camden Collaborative Initiative (CCI) -- a solutions-oriented partnership between governmental, non-profit, private, and community-based agencies formed to plan and implement innovative strategies to improve the environment and the quality of life of Camden's residents.