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More Than A Season

The simple mention of fall probably brings many thoughts to mind.  As we transition from summer into winter, the fall season offers plenty.  While fall is often considered the transition from summer to winter, this time is more than a transition season.  It is a time of reflection.  The kids are back in school, fall sports are back in session, the flowers are losing their blooms, and the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind on if it should be hot or cold.

While many would argue fall is the time that many things slow, for our Healthy Elsinboro Committee, the fall offers an opportunity for us to continue to grow.  While our shared use agreement is being finalized, we are actively working on other parts of our initiative.  Our next step is a meeting of our committee in November, to discuss the nutrition assessments we will use for our community.

This fall we are taking time to reflect and evaluate our current progress, but also to press onward and upward.

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