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More than Muscle

Summer of 2020 certainly will be a period in time to remember, but we hope that many of our residents specifically remember it as a point in time where they took advantage of programs offered by the Borough of Ringwood which encouraged a more physically active lifestyle.

This past summer the Ringwood Health Department and the Ringwood Recreation Department collaborated on a joint venture which focused on improving mental health through a regular exercise program. We called the program, “More than Muscle”.  Our target audience was our youth and all sessions were held outdoors on a field where social distancing could be maintained.  We offered the first program to 4th and 5th graders and then a second program for the 6-12 graders.

A local fitness instructor, Kenny Ayello, who is certified in personal training, and is a specialist in performance /youth athletic enhancement , coordinated and conducted a fitness  program with a strong emphasis on team building, character, leadership and integrity.  Over the course of the summer, Kenny reports that he saw so much growth mentally and physically.  Not only did physical skills improve, the boys and girls became more confident, were more open, morale was very positive and the children displayed kindness as they showed support for each other. “No one was left behind” and by the end of the program, they were “More than Muscle”.

Kenny believes that establishing a lifestyle that incorporates physical activity should begin as a child. The groundwork that promotes taking care of oneself and valuing health can be set during these formidable years in development, so that a lifetime of health can be achieved. He feels that the addition of this outdoor path/walking classroom in our community will be a wonderful way to spark curiosity and encourage involvement in a fitness regime and promote the idea that “Fitness is for everybody”.

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