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Morristown Neighborhood House-Open Doors

We would like to thank the Interfaith Food Pantry for their partnership. During the 12 weeks the Food pantry has provided 300 bags of fruits and vegetables for our participants to take home. Also, inside the bags you may find a healthy recipe or resources that increase healthier living and exercise for the community. We would also like to thank Our Zumba instructor Munah Hayes. Munahology is a family centered approach to whole body wellness. It is the study of self because everything starts from within. Munah believes that you cannot help the world without first beginning with yourself. She came to Yoga & Zumba as a broken vessel searching for an answer to combat depression, anxiety, and insecurity.  After one experience with Yoga/Zumba she knew that it was imperative to add to her daily regimen. She prides herself on providing a judgement free environment where people of all ages and walks of life can flourish.

The participants have learned how to take the steps in learning exercise and healthier eating habits. Participants have also included their family members in their new lifestyle change. Guillerma, stated that after attending the Eat Right Get Fit program, she enjoys going for a 30-minute walk with her husband and daughter 3 days a week. Martha expressed that she is now making smarter choices when she visits the grocery store. Paulina says, that not only has the program helped her physically, she also exercises at home with her daughter and she has developed a closer relationship with her. We are approaching the end of the year. We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and remember ZUMBA will return in the Spring of 2019!

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Morristown Neighborhood House (Cornerstone)

Morristown Neighborhood House was founded in 1898 as a settlement house that embraced the Morristown community’s growing diversity. To date, Morristown Neighborhood House has remained a pillar of diversity and cross-cultural positivity in the Morristown area. The Neighborhood House is unique in providing a wide array of services that enhance educational and social development in Morristown’s youth